IDC – International
Dance Competition

Or IDC event – International Dance Competition aims to boost the art of dance in Portugal.

This contest aims to bring together dance schools, dance groups and independent competitors, nationals and foreigners and is dedicated to promoting prosperity, growth and affirmation of Dance in Portugal.

Or IDC – International Dance Competition that takes place annually at Figueira da Foz Portugal is a worldwide event that demonstrates the cultural strength of Portugal as a country where Culture and the Art of Dance is growing.

Ballet schools will be able to participate to motivate their students, in a contest where everyone can show their skills and show their talent depending on the times per week they attend the technical classes of Ballet. There are three levels A, B e C.

Participants can compete, from two 8 years old (Soloists, Duets, Trios, Quartets and Groups) and the 12 years old (No two).

They will be able to choose the dance styles to present, such as: Ballet (classic and neoclassical), Contemporary and Free (fusion of styles, jazz dance, character and hip-hop).

OnThe contestLocal, dates and categories

This year, due to the measures imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the IDC will be an online version and will be broadcast on 28, 29 e 30 from May of 2021 on our Facebook page.

Competitors, male and / or female, can participate in one or more categories:


  • Pre-Competitive
  • Childish (Level A or B)
  • Junior (Level A, Goat)
  • Senior (Level A, B e C)

No two (Level A, Goat)

Duets / Trios / Quartets

Groups (with 5 or more participants).