The event
IDC-Internacional Dance Competition

Aims to boost the art of dance in Portugal.
This contest aims to bring together dance schools, dance groups and independent competitors, national and foreign, in a memorable show where the exchange and promotion of dance will become a reality. It also aims to discover new talents.

The competing dancers and dancers
From two 8 years old

(Soloists) and the 12 years old (Pas de Deux / Dueto, Pas de Trois / Trio e Grupos), will be able to choose the dance styles to present, such as: ballet (classic and neoclassical), contemporary, it's free (fusion of styles, jazz dance, character and hip-hop).

O IDC – International Dance Competition

“Philosophy thinks,literature writes and dance thinks and writes with the body. ”


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The IDC-International Dance Competition that takes place annually at Figueira da Foz Portugal is a worldwide event that demonstrates the cultural strength of Portugal as a country where Culture and the art of Dance is growing .